Holiday Prices & Dates

9 Day Tour $1800 inc 7 Days hunting  (New Lower Price)

DATES LEFT FOR February & March 2020 Contact Me For Availability.

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We will pick you up at Edinburgh or Glasgow Airport ( Preferably Edinburgh ) and transport you to your hotel.  On your vacation you will be staying on the edge of ancient Falkirk which is the resting place of John De Greame only two minutes from your hotel.  It is also the place of many battles and Roman forts.   We offer you your own room with en suit bathroom and included in our price is a breakfast at our hotel served from 7 am.

On a daily basis you will be picked up and took to our farm for that day which has been researched by research expert Toddy Irvine.  You will have plenty of land to search which has probably never seen a detector on it or has only ever lightly been detected prior to the plough turning it over.  Some of our farms are around a 1000 acres so we might be spending a week in that area.  Our land will mostly be stubble, grass and harrowed land where available.  Ideally bring three coils, 15″, 11″ & 10 x 5 etc.

Our aim is to detect from 0800/0900 until around 1800 each day then head back to our digs but longer if the group wishes.

Finds will be identified and you will be advised what is classed as Treasure by Finds expert of 30 years Toddy Irvine.  Any find of potential treasure will be reported that day via e-mail to the Scottish Treasure Trove unit.  If your item is deemed treasure it will be deposited with the Dept and you will be notified by Metal Detecting Scotland on each step of the process.

We have YEARS of finds on display on our Facebook page to view the type of finds you will find in Scotland click HERE

You will also be given access to our Holiday Members Only Facebook group where you can upload pics live from your digs etc.

We will provide sandwiches for lunch each day and also Tea, coffee & biscuits available.  Also please bring a refillable water bottle with you.

All your Detecting needs are catered for so you can detect till your hearts content with Scotland’s leading detecting specialists.



  • If we bring our group over will there be other groups there at the same time?
  • We are looking to fill our minibus which seats 12 so we are looking to take 12 out hunting each trip maximum.
  • If people want a room to themselves (not a bath just the room), how many people can come at one time without being lodged at different locations?
  • I am in negotiation with various hotels and BnBs and would like to think I can offer individual rooms for each guest. Obviously these would need secured with a deposit so I would need your deposits to secure them. 
  • Roughly how far is it from the lodging to places to eat for dinner? If the weather is inclement, are there taxi’s available to get to dinner?
  • My aim is to have my guests right next to a town or village that has eating places on site, walking or a very short distance in a taxi. 5 mins roughly.
  • What time would you like people to be arriving at the airport in Edinburgh?
  • Answer : 6 Ideally around 10 am as this is after peak time and also allows for some afternoon/evening detecting.

More added as they come