Garrett Ace 150


Toddy’s Review

I was one of the first to test these when they were launched. I was genuinely amazed at the performance and build quality of these detectors. Having run weekly club digs since the launch i have seen people using these detectors find more than detectorists with far more expensive detectors.

Toddy Irvine


Product description

The Garrett Ace 150 has proven itself to be one of the UK’s most popular detectors, offering what is probably the best value for money and performance at its price range, it features discrimination, graphic target ID, and touch & go technology. The Ace 150 also comes with a graphic target ID cursor with both visual and audio target identification for much greater accuracy. There is a sensitivity control, 3 pre set hunting modes and the most advanced LCD graphic screen for a quick and easy identification of the target. The Ace 150 comes with the new PROformance Rhino 6.5\” x 9\” coil.

Ace 150

Manufacturer’s Description

The Garrett Treasure Ace is easy to use and offers high performance handling without any complex settings or adjustments. The Ace 150 also features great depth. Accurate target ID and discrimination. You can search in all metal, jewellery or coins mode for ease of use.

The Ace 150 comes with the all new PROformance Rhino 6.5″ x 9″ coil. This is a great value for money machine for the beginner. With the Garrett Ace 150 you can use any one of the interchageable coils including the new Ace 9″ x 12″ PROformance search coil and the 4.5″ Ace Sniper coil to get the most from your Ace detector.




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