Beach & Foreshore Training Course

I spent years on beaches and never understood how I was not successful and never found any rings. Since then I have detected beaches all over the world and lived in Spain for a year so I now have lots more gold rings to my name. On this classroom course you will learn

  • What area to search
  • When to search
  • Where to search to find rings
  • Where to search to find Old Coins on a beach
  • Searching Abroad
  • What detectors to use
  • What kit you need
  • Hazards

Below are only a few videos from over the last 10 years from USA, Scotland & Spain.  Learn from people who have genuinely done it and not just read it on a website and passing it on second hand to make themselves look clever.

Cost £100 for Classroom Course. 

I offer an additional practical session where we meet at a chosen beach dependent on tides and detect for the day.  If you don’t have a multi frequency detector then I will include this in the cost of the Practical session FREE of charge.

Cost £200 for Classroom & Practical Session.


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