Used Metal Detectors

Welcome to MDS used metal detector sales.  Here we will have a selection of quality used metal detectors all with a 1 month guarantee.  Buying online can be fraught with risk so why not have the peace of mind that you are buying from a trusted and experienced person.  Toddy is genuinly been buying and selling metal detectors in Scotland and England for many years and I am known for being fair and honest with a back up service second to none.

We accept trade in and also buy used detectors and equipment.  Before you contact us to sell a detector please take into consideration.  We offer a price that is not the current selling price for the detector.  When we buy it we have overheads to consider so please don’t be offended if we are not offering a nearly new price.

To sell your detector contact me by e-mailing me the details of your detector with as many photos as you can including purchase date etc.

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