New Metal Detectors

Welcome to MDS New metal detector sales.  Here we have a selection new metal detectors and accessories that will suit the beginner. We all find it very easy to jump online and buy from the cheapest place we can find but unless we support the local shops YEARS of knowledge goes gets lost.  Toddy is genuinely been buying and selling metal detectors in Scotland and England for many years and I am known for being fair and honest with a back up service & Knowledge second to none.

We accept trade in and also buy used detectors and equipment.  Before you contact us to sell a detector please take into consideration.  We offer a price that is not the current selling price for the detector.  When we buy it we have overheads to consider so please don’t be offended if we are not offering a nearly new price.

To sell your detector contact me by e-mailing me the details of your detector with as many photos as you can including purchase date etc.

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