Metal Detector Upgrade Training

When I started metal detecting most people bought a beginners detector for example a Fisher 1210  which was a switch on and go detector then after a year or so once you mastered the ONE control knob you had and the language of your detector you then thought I will upgrade so you would buy the next one up like the 1225X which had an extra knob!!! Wohoo NOW you where in charge of the Sensitivity also!  After a year or two again you had mastered the Discrimination & Sensitivity functions and found out the consequences of not using these functions properly so you then upgraded again to the CZ5 Quicksilver and so on.  You where serving an apprenticeship and by the time you had got the ultimate in detecting the Whites Eagle Spectrum you had a good sound knowledge of basic features of a detector.  I mastered the all the Whites digital models to this day and I genuinely think they do make the finest metal detectors in the world.

What happens today is that people buy a Garrett Ace 250 etc then go straight to an XP Deus, Minelab CTX or most of the Mid/High end detectors because of the Internet….Yes the Internet because they see what is being found and they think if I buy that detector I will find that kind of stuff!!  NOT THE CASE.  

The BIG mistake most make is they have a detector with around 50 functions, like selectable frequencies, Tracking, Ground Balance, Tone selection, Frequency shift and on and on and they do not know what they mean and to make things worse they are called different things on different makes!  SO at my events I see hear people who class themselves as experienced or even experts SAY  I have Joe Blogg’s HOT program in it or Big Dans DEEEEEP hammered settings in it.  Little do they know that this tells me they do not know what each function does on there detector but can’t combine these to suit the ground they are searching so they are NOT getting the best from that detector on that given site.

Detectors are not cheap and today’s detectors have some GREAT features so do you not think to get your moneys worth you should learn the features on it.

This is where I come in, I am NOT being a smart ass when I say I am an expert or master at this I AM.  If I had dedicated as much money and years of my life to computer science or martial arts I would be a Master so I am 😉

I offer you confidential training on any metal detector you buy wether its a Whites V3i to a Minelab GPX 5000 I have mastered most.  This can be held at your permission or at one of my weekly events.  I will stay with you until you know what the feature you want training on is mastered.

My rate is £20 per hour so depending on how long or how many features you need training on will decide the cost.  I don’t mess about and will not string things out.  Learn properly don’t go down the road of using others detecting settings …you will NEVER learn properly.

This can be paid on the day with cash or contact less payment : To book an appointment e-mail Toddy