Beginner’s guide to metal detecting course

Beginners Guide Metal Detecting Course

Toddy is the first in the UK to devise these types of learning courses.  It is designed to give newcomers to the hobby of metal detecting a great start and serious chance of success.  You will  be shown some of the secrets of research that has took years to master and that are proven to succeed.  Be assured I am a  professional who does this for a living.  This is a MUST if you are serious about the hobby and will save you years of gleaning MIS Information from social media sites.


  • Course Intro
  • Metal Detecting Equipment familiarisation., Headphones, Diggers, Probes
  • Metal & Target Type Familiarisation. The Treasure Trove Law in Scotland
  • Where to search including fields, beaches, foreshores, woods and the law.
  • How to research potential sites
  • Digs & Rallies
    This is an online course and has around 4 hours of video.
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Cost £100 per person  Buy Click  Here