Metal detecting holidays in Scotland

Welcome to Scotland’s longest established metal detecting events company.  We eat sleep and breath metal detecting in Scotland whether its on land, beach or in the sea we are seasoned pro’s.  Our events attract visitors from all over the globe including Top Manufacturers. Feel free to browse our website and if you can’t find what you are looking for please use the various methods that suit you to get in touch with us.

Andy Sabisch Tour Fall 2019 

Andy Sabisch Tour Fall 2019

About Us

Welcome to Metal Detecting Scotland,  If it is metal detecting holidays in Scotland , Events or training you are in the right place.  we are the only company in Scotland to offer this.  Our founder Colin ” Toddy” Irvine is Scotland’s most experienced metal detectorist who has been involved on a National, Business and Community level for around 30 years.  Toddy was instrumental in the shape of the Scottish detecting scene and online scene when he built Scotland’s first ever online community back in 2000 long before Facebook and Twitter was on the go.   Toddy is also a regular writer and field tester for the Treasure Hunting magazine.

Toddy has an insatiable passion for metal detecting and is now a pioneer in underwater metal detecting in Scotland.  Being a Padi Master Scuba Diver Trainer he now offers Scuba diving tours & tuition,  we also offer Under Water Metal Detecting certification courses to take your hobby underwater and discover a whole NEW world of underwater exploration around Scotland’s ancient coast, loch’s & rivers.

As you can see from above you are in very experienced hands and we offer that experience to you via metal detecting tuition, rental, events, holidays and used detector sales.




Ancient Hawick,Scottish Borders 

27,28,29 September 2019

Limited spaces only 200 available 

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After the MASSIVE success of our 2018 rally in this area with literally over 100 hammered coins and also roman finds  we are giving you the chance to book your place with only a £10 deposit per person and the remainder can be paid at the rally with cash or contactless payment.  You must bring proof of your deposit whether it is printed or on your phone as this is your ticket Once the 200 is reached the ticket sales will close so book up to avoid dissapointment.

Rally Details



Thursday after 1pm is ONLY for people that have paid for a FULL weekend ticket.  You can NOT buy a Thursday Only ticket

Friday day Only £20

Saturday Only £20

Sunday Only £20

Thurs (After 1PM)/Sat & Sunday £60 + FREE CAMPING you can stay over until Monday and vacate the rally site by noon or earlier.  NO detecting on Monday.

NO PAY ON THE DAY (Nearly a years notice is enough time to make arrangements we think so no pay on the day)


  • Are Caravans & Motorhomes welcome. – Yes but you MUST have a Towing Eye located and know where it goes or we will not be able to get you out if you wheel spin or get stuck.
  • Can I camp – Yes
  • When can I arrive – Thursday NOT BEFORE 1pm before the rally
  • When do we leave – You can leave anytime but you must vacate the Rally camp by 12 noon on the monday after the rally.
  • Can I build a camp fire – NO
  • Will we have toilets – YES and seperate Ladie’s Loos
  • Will we have water – YES but Always best to buy water and bring it with you.
  • Can I stay for just one day – Yes
  • Can I pay on the day – NO pre booked only via £10 non refundable deposit
  • Does my partner who does not detect have to pay – NO you pay per detectorist.
  • Can I rent a Detector – YES email Toddy for details PRIOR to the rally.
  • Will I get sent tickets – No your Paypal transaction ID is your Ticket even if it is on your phone
  • How will I know how to get to the rally – When you buy a ticket via Paypal you will be sent a map a day or so before the rally -ONLY TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS ON YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT.
  • Has our land been well detected – No we had one rally on it and it produced hundreds of coins and artifacts and we have new fields added.  It will produce the same again.
  • massive area we have to search has been detected only once and producing Roman, Bronze Age, Medieval, Scottish, & Tudor hammered coins from along with lots of later natural finds.
  • Will we have ploughed and rolled – YES all MOST fields will be rolled along with some grass and stubble.
  • Will we have a Snack Van – We have had snack vans at all our rallies so this will be no different.
  • How do I record finds – I invite the Scottish Treasure trove unit to all our rallies but sometimes they have other business on the go.  finds recording forms will be available at the rally so you can record your finds via e-mail.
  • Will we have entertainment – TBC

If you want to ask me a question Please e-mail I with heading : Rally Questions or Text Toddy on 07449669494

Please look at our gallery to see video of our previous rallies Facebook or Youtube Channel 

Training Courses

If you are thinking of starting this hobby or you are thinking of upgrading your detector then we can offer one to one training or in a group with Toddy Irvine.  Toddy has been using the top end detectors and everything in between for 30 years including Pulse Induction detectors like the Minelab GPX 5000.  I have taught hundreds of people to detect over the years.  Please feel free to browse my courses below.

Discover Metal Detecting Course

Toddy is the first in the UK to devise these types of learning courses.  It is designed to give newcomers to the hobby of metal detecting a great start and serious chance of success.  You will  be shown some of the secrets of research that has took years to master and that are proven to succeed.  Be assured I am a  professional who does this for a living.  This is a MUST if you are serious about the hobby and will save you years of gleaning MIS Information from social media sites.  Click here to find out more

Beach Training

I spent years on beaches and never understood how I was not successful and never found any rings.  Since then I have detected beaches all over the world and lived in Spain for a year so I now have lots more gold rings to my name.  Click here to find out more



I have been running events for many years and since around 2003 I have been asked on many many occasions if I would consider metal detecting holidays for people visiting Scotland.  I was very capable of doing this but with a family to support I needed guaranteed work so I always put it off.  Since then my kids have grew up and left home. 

I have built a platform for detectorists to now go digging on a weekly basis with no research, where as 17 years ago you needed to be a member of a club who only went digging on a monthly basis to the same land over and over.  On our events we have had some of the biggest names at it including Minelab, Whites, XP, Teknetics & Fisher and our reputation for holding good quality events is well known.

I now run my own company and feel I have the time, experience and commitment to offer good personally led metal detecting holidays in Scotland.  My daughter is a graduate in Travel & Tourism and will be in charge of the hotel side of things to leave me free to organise some good quality land for our guests.  Toddy Irvine is well known all over the world for his passion for metal detecting and will guarantee you have good days detecting on land going back to Neolithic right through to Victorian.  I can also arrange:-

  • Beach hunts on beaches that produce finds going back to 1600s. 
  • River Hunts In ancient areas
  • Scuba Detecting or Diving.

So if you are looking for a good detecting holiday with scenery to die for and accompanied with a detectorist who shaped the Scottish metal detecting scene as it is today then please feel free to contact us.  Please keep in mind that April to August is the growing season and land is under crop so most of our Holiday dates will be from Sept to March.

For accommodation & Prices please click HERE


The Andy Sabisch Tour – Fall 2019 

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  • Andy Sabisch Tour Fall 2019