I have been running events for many years and since around 2003 I have been asked on many many occasions if I would consider metal detecting holidays for people visiting Scotland.  I was very capable of doing this but with a family to support I needed guaranteed work so I always put it off.

Since then my kids have grew up and left and I have built a platform for detectorists to now go digging on a weekly basis with no research where as 17 years ago you needed to be a member of a club who only went digging on a monthly basis to the same land over and over.  On our events we have had some of the biggest names at it including Minelab, Whites, XP, Teknetics & Fisher and our reputation for holding good quality events that are not massive is well known

I now run my own company and feel I have the time, experience and commitment to offer metal detecting holidays in Scotland.  My daughter is a graduate in Travel & Tourism and would obviously be doing the hotel side of things to leave me free to organise good quality land for our guests.  Toddy Irvine is well known all over the world for his passion for metal detecting and will guarantee you have good days detecting on land going back to Neolithic but he will NEVER promise you gold staters or gold hammered coins.  I have been 30 years metal detecting and only found one gold hammered coin and no staters so you can see they are rare as hens teeth in Scotland.  What we do find is mostly coins & artifacts from 1300s upwards.

So if you are looking for a good detecting holiday with scenery to die for and accompanied with a detectorist who shaped the Scottish metal detecting scene as it is today then please feel free to contact us.  Please keep in mind that April to August is the growing season and land is under crop so most of our Holiday dates will be from Sept to March.