Scuba Detecting

Here at MDS we are again pioneers in Scotland offering not just land or beach detecting events and training but also Underwater Metal Detecting opening up a whole new world of possibilities to you.  Our Scuba training is conducted by Toddy ( Padi MSTD) and his Scuba Company Scuba Ts Diving

For the Qualified Diver with own dive kit We offer a day out Scuba detecting to qualified Open Water Divers or higher certified to dive in a Dry suit who have participated in our 1 day Scuba Detecting course.  (If it is in the summer diving in a 7mm wet suit is suitable so no Dry Suit certification is needed.)

Cost £120 includes hire of a Scuba Tector (Two tank dive and no deeper than 10m.  We are not looking for shipwrecks but lost coins and artifacts generally Victorian or earlier) also includes pick up and transport to site from a central location.

To book this email Toddy

For The Non Diver We offer Padi Scuba training to first get you certified to be able to dive.  Once qualified you are certified to dive to 18 meters with a buddy anywhere you choose.  There is nothing stopping you going Scuba detecting yourself BUT not knowing potential hazards could be life threatening that is why my course is vital to new divers. If you decide to do this a whole new world of fun and excitement will open up to you.  Now you don’t need to chap farmers doors and get rejected or wait on that harvest that takes forever.  You have 1000s of places at your disposal.  Don’t think about it JUST DO IT.  No one is MORE passionate about underwater detecting than Toddy and he will pass that enthusiasm on to you.   He paid for it, bought the kit and is doing it and you can too.

Padi Open Water course cost £550 or £400 if two or more book up.  This price includes all training material, kit hire.

Scuba Detecting course costs £200 for the day per person and includes  certification. (Classroom Based)

If you book an Open Water and Scuba Course and Scuba Detecting course I will include a Day out detecting for £800 for all of the above includes Kit & detector hire and transport.

To book up E-mail Toddy